Pollen Explosion is a print inspired by my love of nature and being outside! Whether I'm walking the dog, going for a bike ride or just sitting in the garden I love being outside at all times of year in all types of weather. However, I am a sufferer of Hayfever and that is where the 'explosion' part of this print is inspired. Every year I wait for the flower to explode and make my nose run and eyes itch... its my favourtie and my least favourite time of the year all in one go!!!!  Enjoy this vibrant happy print. 


Care: Each bag is made up of organic cotton and is therefore natrually soft - the press the creases back out after a few uses just place is under a flat heavy object (a book?)! Wipe clean with warm water. 

Pollen Explosion

  • 5% of each purchase will be donated to THRIVE UK - Helping those with mental health problems through the means of Gardening. 


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