Hot Heather - this Print was inspired by my Mum. She’s started cutting flowers from the garden like my Granny used to do and one of those is this bright neon pink heather. It’s so beautiful and I had been blind to it as just a plant in the garden before she started cutting it and bringing it inside. I love this print as the bright colours represent the flowers but also the brightness that my Mum brings to not only my life but to a lot of other peoples lives. Thanks Mum!


Care: This bag is made from Organic Cotton Canvas - a naturally soft fabric - to keep it looking fresh and crisp - place it under something heavy (books?) to keep it crease free. Wipe the bag clean with warm water!

Hot Heather

  • 5% of each purchase will be donated to THRIVE UK - Helping those who suffer with mental health problems through the means of gardening.

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