Coral Bleach is a print inspired by the deverstation that is being caused by light pollution and chemical pollution. We are bleaching our coral reefs and they will not be the vibrant places we know them as for our future generations. This print is an abstract coral with pinks and purples being bleached out by the white! I painted this with a piece of coral sponge to add that extra touch of coral.


This Clutch/Work bag is:

8" High

15" Wide


Care: If you get your clutch bag dirty just give it a little wipe down with some warm water or a makeup wipe. Canvas is a soft product - after a couple of uses the bag might get mis-shapen. Place the product under a heavy book or object to re-flatten it!

Coral Bleach

  • 5% of your purchase will be donated to Earth Watch - Helping preserve our Coral Reefs.

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