Autumn Leaves was created due to the change in season but also because a friend of the Tree of Hope charity - based in the village where I am from (Farndon, Cheshire) asked for my help. So this Autumnal print - perfect for Autumn events or for popping your tech in. This bag is a beautiful red/pink with Autumn leaves printed onto it. 

Handpainted in my painting shed - this beautiful print comes with extra Farndon love!


Care: Each bag is made from organic cotton canvas - this means that the fabric is soft - to make it nice and crsp again to place it under a heavy object to press it back out. You can also wipe the fabric down with a wipe or warm water to remove any sticky marks. 

Autumn Leaves

  • 5% of your purchase will be donated to the Tree of Hope - Helping Eddie Braun gain access to the mediciation he needs outside of the NHS.

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