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A few weeks ago I invited my sisters best friend, Alice, to come over and help me paint a new print for a collection of bags. Alice has Hemiplegia and is partially paralysed on her right side. She has to find new ways of doing the simplest things - eat yogurt, open a can, hold a paint brush. Alice is a hero to me and has acted like a big sister a lot of my teenage years. So this bag means a lot to me personally.

Alice and I chose to use purple paints as the HemiChat Charity colours are purple! And then we were thinking of a print and we just decided it should be splattered print because that is something that Alice could do with her right side.

So just like that we went outside, cut the canvas and began painting.

Alice was fabulous!! Although she did need to be reminded to use her 'weaker side' as she automatically goes to do everything with her strong side but I wanted this to be a piece of work that showed off how strong her 'weak side' is.

Here it is... Alice painting the beautiful "Show your strong side" bag!!


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